Project Description

This is a custom-built home in Manotick, ON. Security and Lighting are the primary automation themes. Features:

  • Smart Security
  • Multi-room Audio
  • Wireless Remote
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Lighting Control
  • Intercom
  • Remote Monitoring

This home features a very aggressive security system, with remote monitoring. The homeowner is instantly notified by cellphone of any problem, including an intrusion. The home features fully automated lighting control, and multi-room audio (including the back yard). Aesthetics are very important to this homeowner, hence no light switches are visible in the home — lighting is controlled with a small number of strategically-placed scene switches. The homeowner controls the home via in-wall touchscreens, and via the internet when away. Extensive remote monitoring ensures that the homeowner is immediately notified via cellphone of any problem with the home..