Project Description

This is a 10-year old custom-built home in Nepean, ON. Working closely with Eastech, the homeowner has gradually added and upgraded smart home features over the last 10 years as technology has advanced. Features

  • Smart Home Theatre
  • Advanced Smart Security
  • Swimming Pool Control
  • Multi-room Audio (12 zones)
  • Wireless Remote Control via Apple devices
  • Irrigation Control
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Radiant Floor Heating control
  • Lighting Control
  • Video Surveillance with recording
  • Remote Monitoring (via Internet)

This is a completely automated modern smart home. An advances security system has three levels of intrusion detection, with aggressive response to an intrusion. Comfort levels, including radiant floor heating, are fully automated. Most interior and exterior lighting is fully automated, with scene switches for convenient lighting in the basement, home theatre, and main floor. Each occupant has a wireless keyfob for easy entry/exit that automatically sets temperature, alarm, lighting, and music . upon entry/exit.

A master security touchscreen is located in the front entrance for overall security control, with secondary keypads in two additional rooms. A whole-home 7-inch Control4 Infinity-edge touchscreen in the kitchen provides easy control of the entire home. The home notifies the homeowners when the dogs are in the house, and notifies the parents when children arrive home past curfew. Exterior video surveillance features motion sensing that alerts homeowners, no matter where they are, if someone is in the pool when they are not present. Front and rear door cameras can be viewed from TV sets or smart phone, and feature 24/7 recording. Lawns and gardens are self-watered based on a pre-set schedule which is automatically adjusted based on outside temperature and rainfall. Twelve zones of rich audio are controlled by touchscreens in primary areas, with on-wall volume controls in secondary rooms. Lighting is automatically reduced during peak times, to minimize energy consumption. The homeowners can control any aspect of their home on their smart phones, including viewing the live camera feeds and recorded playback.