Project Description

This smart condo is located at The Currents, a 43-unit luxury condo building developed in 2007 by Windmill Developments Group. Eastech has equipped the unit with state-of-the-art home automation technology that makes the home a truly “smart condo”.

This automated condominium home is more enjoyable, more energy-efficient, and offers far greater comfort and convenience than an ordinary unit. The home’s various systems can be easily controlled from a simple remote control, in-wall keypad, portable iPod, or remote internet connection. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Music streaming to different rooms.
  • One-touch scenes can turn on lights, fireplace, play music, select video entertainment, and adjust temperature.
  • Automatic homeowner notification via phone of any alert (e.g. furnace failure), emergency (burglary), or critical information (children did not arrive home) when away.
  • Automatically adjusts temperature and lighting to eliminate wasted energy, helping the homeowner contribute to a green living lifestyle.

The Smart Condo was originally owned by Victor Klassen, one of the first residents of The Currents and a vocal promoter of green living. The building has received one of Canada’s three mixed-use platinum certifications awarded to date under LEED the sustainable building standard that’s sweeping the housing industry. The lighting and temperature can be adjusted automatically when entering or leaving, and even when not at home, for maximum energy savings.

The equipment includes a central computerized “brain” (a controller that manages lighting, heating/cooling, security, and entertainment), smart light switches, multi-room audio, home theatre control, and an in-wall control keypad. A single remote is used to enjoy audio or video entertainment, without any of the usual unsightly equipment, wiring, or remotes. The various systems in the home can be controlled from a remote control, in-wall keypad, a wireless Apple iPod Touch®, or remotely via the internet. Motion and door sensors are used to activate lighting and entertainment automatically.