Your home may be your castle, but it doesn’t have to be an impregnable fortress in order to be secure. It just needs to be smart. With an automation system and our many companion products, your house can monitor itself and let you know—whether you’re home or away—if something is awry.

Safer Home, Safer Family

Smart door locks – with either push-button or touch-screen entry – are more than just a convenient way to get into your house without fiddling with keys.  When used with an automation system, they can keep you informed about who is entering your home.  Eastech can program them to secure themselves automatically so you don’t leave a door unlocked without knowing it.  They can also be programmed to alert you any time they are locked or unlocked, or to send you a message when specific entry codes ( such as those used by grade-school children or service personnel) are entered.

Combine automated door locked with a camera or door station to see and hear exactly who is at the door, no matter where you are in the house.  If you choose, you can even unlock the door without leaving your couch or your desk, letting friends in while keeping strangers safely outside.

Make Your House Security-Aware

First things first.  If you already have a security system, Eastech can configure it to work with an automation system to work better.  Extend your security systems functionality by adding arm/disarm capabilities straight from your door locks, your mobile phone, your touch panels, and even your garage remote control.  Build in even more functionality by adding supplemental motion sensor and IP cameras that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Stake Out, Fake Out

Studies have shown that burglars are much less likely to attempt to enter houses that are occupied.  Eastech can set up “mockupancy” programs that turn interior lights on and off in patterns when you’re not there, faking any would-be intruders into thinking your house is occupied.