A home automation systems can enhance your lifestyle, increase your family’s at-home comfort and safety, and save costs through improved energy efficiency. In a smart home, the various electrical/electronic systems in your home are connected and controlled via a central computer called a controller.


Whole-House audio/video means you can enjoy music and video in any room you wish, while different family members can choose different entertainment in different rooms. A home theatre, with large-screen projection and in-wall surround sound, can deliver dramatic entertainment in the comfort of your own home


Control summer/winter temperatures and humidity levels throughout your home depending on the usage of rooms, time of day, and outside conditions. Turn lights on or off based on time of day, or room occupancy. Have lights, heat/air levels automatically go to preset levels when you leave or arrive home, all at the touch of a single button, or automatically.


Protect your home with a full intrusion detection system that provides monitored security whether you are at home or away. Monitor fire/smoke/carbon dioxide detection devices to notify emergency services the instant a setting is triggered. Provide camera-monitored entrances so you can see who is at the door before answering it. A smart home can simulate occupancy when you are not at home, by turning lights on/off at various times throughout the night to make your home appear occupied.


Improve energy management and generate savings through total control of your HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) system. Call for heat and air conditioning only when it is needed, under the control of a programmable schedule. A typical programmable thermostat can only change the temperatures in 4 time “zones” per day. A Smart home however can control heat/air automatically upon exit/entrance to the home, in addition to pre-programmed time-of-day. Sensors can tell if a room is occupied, then adjust the temperature accordingly. Turn costly radiant floor heating on/off depending on the usage of the home.