With an Eastech Smart Home entertainment/automation solution, you get everything you need in one solution, without the headache of shopping for different components from different suppliers, then trying to make it all work together. We:

  • Prepare a comprehensive solution design, in writing, that lays out exactly what you are getting and why.
  • Supply all the entertainment components including TVs, projectors, audio, media servers
  • Supply interconnection cabling and systems such as signal converts, cables, and baluns
  • Pre-wire inside the drywall (new construction), or mount wireless components (retrofit)
  • Integrate and connect all the devices
  • Program the system for ease of use
  • Test, calibrate, and assure 100% operation at peak performance
  • Maintain the system after sale

Eastech delivers smart home solutions that you’ll be proud of. Our solutions work, and will fit your budget. 

The five “S”s of doing business with Eastech

We are not a single-solution company. We can scale a solution from low-cost, simple solution, such as a simple security plus basic lighting package, all the way to a high-end custom-designed once-of-a-kind system that exists nowhere else on earth!
We go beyond a simple alarm system, with aggressive intrusion response, simulated occupancy, strategies to repel intruders, and safety-oriented capabilities that alert you to possible problems with your home or your family.
A beautiful home with beautiful finishing and furnishings should not have a lot of white plastic on the walls. Eastech can deliver equipment in stylish finishes that enhance your décor.
Eastech has entire spectrum of skills and experience needed for a genuine complete solution, from construction know-how, to electrical, mechanical, entertainment, and computer skills.
We maintain long-term relationships with our customers as their home, their lifestyle, and the technology changes over time. We are always there for service and support, when you need it.


6 Key Elements to an Eastech Smart Home Solution

We carefully select products and components that are proven to work well together. We then program the system so that you have easy remote control at the touch of a button.
The home itself is usually an integral part of the smart home solution. As professional contractors, we understand the challenges of old and new residential construction, in indoor and outdoor locations. We understand how to preserve the integrity of the home, and the finishing, without compromising either the décor or the system performance.
We will carry out a complete and comprehensive design prior to installation. This way there are no technical or financial surprises, and you know exactly what you are getting, in what rooms, and why.
You want your home to look beautiful. This means no unsightly wiring or devices attached to walls. Lighting switch plates should match your décor, even enhance it. Equipment should be hidden from view where possible. No banks of “mystery light switches” – we can even eliminate light switches entirely. We’ve even made in-wall speakers disappear!
An alarm system is just that – an alarm system. Eastech goes well beyond alarm systems, and we deliver safety. Aggressive alarm systems and strategies to deter and even to repel intruders. A Eastech smart home will notify you instantly of any problem. And, you can track children’s entry/exit to the home, and even monitor their entertainment.
Sharp, crisp high-definition pictures on TVs and Projectors. Rich sound in every room. Simple operation for everyone in the home. Entertainment delivered immediately at the touch of a button. And reliable operation year after year