Luxul routers with Router Limits content management means your customers are in control of their internet experience. The system works by managing the traffic on your internet connection. Using a simple interface accessible from anywhere, clients can choose which devices can access the web, what parts of the web are okay (or not okay), and the days and times the internet should be available.

Be a Scheduling Ninja

Tired of the kids playing online when home work or bedtime should be the priority? Router Limits content management makes it easy to set a schedule so devices can’t access the internet between 4pm and 5pm or after 9pm.

See Their Faces

Wouldn’t you rather see the family at the dinner table than look at their devices? It’s a cinch to use the built-in Categories and Popular Sites to banish (or allow) entire swaths of the web. Each Category contains millions of websites and is constantly updated. Even the desktop or mobile app versions of popular apps like Facebook or Instagram can be controlled.

Simple Control

Send the kids to bed, but leave Netflix available. The TV’s in the living room and master bedroom get different rules than the kid’s Android device. Apply rules to individual devices or groups of devices.

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